Monday, 15 June 2009

Introducing...(drum roll please..)..

...Dizzy Rascal.
After months of begging and pleading I finally gave in to Junior's demands and got him a hamster. She is a pretty little brown and white Syrian hamster who is just 10 weeks old. She is a bit shy at the moment but hopefully in time she will let us pick her up and play with her. The lady in "Pet City" said it might take a wee while for her to settle in. She took some broccoli from my hand last night which was really sweet. It was her first night in a new home after all.
Junior is finding it hard to accept that his new pet sleeps when he is awake and is active during the night - I have pondered why hamsters are such popular pets for children when they have totally nocturnal habits?..
Anyway she was up and about early this morning when Junior was getting ready for school so I managed to snap a couple of quick photos to let you all see her. This one is a bit blurry but the best of the bunch - she is super speedy on her wee feet so the other pictures were just of her bum or a flash of beige. Dizzy has her own separate gym complete with see-saw and hammock (just in case you're thinking the cage is a bit wee for her). She also has an exercise ball and a digging tank. I didn't think I would ever have another small animal in my life but it feels nice to know there is another heartbeat in the house and that I'll have some company when Junior goes to bed at night. It's nice to have another female in the house!

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