Sunday, 29 March 2009

Paws for thought

"Time spent with cats is never wasted"
Sigmund Freud
What a lovely weekend I have had. I feel so relaxed and I think it's partly due to having been in the company of Tommy and Charlie (Chaz for short). These two beauties belong to my sister (well, I say 'belong' but really, cats are such free spirits they transcend ownership).
Tommy is the black one and Chaz is black and white. Both are very handsome, I'm sure you'll agree.
They are lovely boys, very gentle and entertaining. They have had a very calming effect on me. I feel like I have had my 'feline' battery recharged!
I absolutely LOVE cats and I know that one day I will be surrounded by them just like one of the characters in my novel. Alas - the time is just not quite right to make that commitment again. I had my old cat Bonnie for nearly 17 years and it is so difficult to say goodbye to a faithful, furry friend. I will just have to make sure I make plenty of visits to see my fluffy nephews!
Thankyou Sandra for a brilliant weekend x

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