Thursday, 5 March 2009

Many moons ago

I came across a couple of old photographs while I was browsing through an album to help Caroline with a project for college. Apologies for the shocking outfits - although this was the fashion then (or maybe not..)
The first one was taken around 1982/83. I know this because the TV series FAME was big at the time and absolutely everybody had a Ra-Ra skirt. This shiny blue satin one was made by a family friend. My sister and I had matching ones and we wore them with legwarmers! We thought we were so cool!
The second photo was taken slightly earlier - around 1979/80 - the TV programme in the background is Swap Shop for anyone old enough to remember! Despite wearing brown corduroy dungarees and a knitted sweater I was very happy in this photo. I can remember it being taken and giggling when our cat Suzie kept chasing the pencil while I wrote. I often sat on the floor, leaning on a big book and scribbling down stories (this book was best for leaning on - the Guinness Book of Records - as it was really heavy). I don't remember what I was writing when this photo was taken but it was probably a story about a family of animals as this was my favourite subject at the time. It's nice to see that I'm more interested in what I'm writing than in what's on the telly and that I clearly enjoyed writing stories early on in life. Thanks to Caroline who snapped the originals and sent them through cyberspace to my laptop! Oh, and Happy Birthday to Beth who is as lovely today as she's ever been x

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