Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Grow to be the best

I read this story in a newspaper at the weekend and thought I would share it with you -
"A good friend of mine went through deep emotional experiences during his life and when I asked him how he coped he said he always thought back to his first job, when he was training to become a gardener. He was told to grow some seedlings in six trays, so he placed them in sunlight and the plants flourished until something strange happened.
His boss told him to move the plants to a dark cellar and allow them to wane. When they were almost dead he was asked to bring them back out into the sunlight and watch them carefully. This exercise, he was told, was to help the plants become extra strong. After the experience of nearly dying they would fight for existence and grow to be the best they could"
That message is a powerful one and a great lesson to us all. Whatever happens in life and however sad our experiences might be they can strengthen us and make us better people - more able to fulfil our purpose in life.

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