Saturday, 30 January 2010

A lovely email

Hi Hazel,
We just wanted to email you to say how much we are enjoying your first book.
Well done.
I'm reading it as well as my son who is ten and we keep trying to out pace each other in who gets further in the story. At the moment my son is winning!
Your descriptions are excellent. We are enjoying them, and my son especially enjoyed the jokes!
I've never seen him finish a book so quickly as he usually has at least ten books on the go at once but your book he has been unable to put down!
We do hope you go on to write more Bree adventures. It really 'floods' the imagination, and also gives out a strong message of hope through struggle and grief.
It would be great as a film. We are already imagining some of the scenes!
My daughter is a budding writer and I hope she goes on to write as well as
you do.
Kind Regards

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