Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I'm a bit miserable today. I've got a mild dose of tonsillitis which has left me with jelly legs and a banging head. It's not as bad as it has been in the past though, which I am most grateful for. I've actually been hospitalised with tonsillitis before. My throat is the first thing to 'go' when I am feeling stressed or run down so the minute I felt that scratchy, blistery sensation at the back of my throat yesterday morning I headed straight for the doctor. I have antibiotics and I am just trying to rest and keep cosy in the hope that my sore throat will pass quickly.
There's nothing like a dose of something horrible to make you feel a bit sorry for yourself. Today, I miss my friend Caroline. She is currently off touring the US and climbing lots of big, dangerous boulders with hunky young American guys. I'm not at all jealous of course as I sit here in my fluffy slippers looking out onto a grey and damp Edinburgh morning (!) I am just so proud of her and extremely envious of her fearless approach to life. She's an inspirational person. I miss her all the time but today I really miss her - you know that kind of tugging sensation at the centre of your stomach? The kind of gut wrenching knowledge that she is not just around the corner and a five minute bike ride away.
I consider myself incredibly lucky to have such good friends, people who have been in my life forever and who know me inside out. I know I could not have written about Bree's relationship with Sandy and Honey if I had not had the privilege of good friendships. I value my friends above all else. It's really tough when your close friends branch out and move in different ways to you. It takes a while to come to terms with the fact that they are choosing a path that doesn't involve you. Of course, it doesn't mean they don't think about you and care about you it's just the way life goes. We are all very different people with different values and interests. It is inevitable that at some point we are going to travel different roads. I have compartmentalised my friends. Caroline is the one I call on if I am down in the dumps and need a good laugh, the kind of laugh where you can't quite catch your breath and worry you might lose control of your bodily functions. She has this canny knack of turning me into a giggling thirteen year old girl again. It is impossible to be sad in Caroline's company. I could really do with her being here today to lift my spirits but that's probably being a little selfish. I know I shouldn't grumble. I have spent the last few days telling Junior that we have no right to moan about anything considering the recent, terrible events in Haiti. We only have to turn on the news to get the wake up call we really need during periods of sadness and inertia. Still, it doesn't make our small problems any less real.
Caroline, today I really miss your chuckle and positive, refreshing approach to life. Thanks for being my friend. x


  1. Hazel!! I was just thinking about you. You poor thing. Things aren't going right lately, are they? Feel free to email me if you need to talk. =] I know that for me it's nice to have someone to vent my feelings to.


  2. Thankyou McKenzie. I feel a bit better today but it really helped to boost my spirits getting your message. I absolutely HATE being unwell, I'm a terrible patient! It'll pass though and I should be grateful it's not something worse.
    Your blog looks amazing, keep it up. I read it every day. The writing of Bree 2 is taking shape, I'm about half way through...
    I'll keep in touch, thanks again X

  3. Aw, thanks. =] It's nice to hear that people enjoy my blog. Half way! That's awesome. Have you come up with any cover ideas yet? Is the same person illustrating it? I think that if I were an author, that'd be one of my favorite parts.

  4. Hi! the guy that designed the cover for "Half Heart Locket" is on board for book 2 and yes, this is definitely the best part of the whole process! Lawrence Mann (illustrator) seemed to be able to tune into my mind with the last book and I fell in love with the picture the minute I saw it. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with for "Flame of Irenus". I feel like my book is in safe hands, it's like he has a sixth sense or something. I am really enjoying writing the second novel, the ideas are coming thick and fast. My fingers can't keep up with my brain! Looking forward to sending you a copy when it's printed ;) Best wishes, Hazel x

  5. That's all so wonderful! I'm glad he's on board for the 2nd novel, and I'm glad the writing's coming easily. I can't wait to read the 2nd novel. ;]