Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I've only gone and flippin' broken my hand in two places! What a real pain (quite literally). I just haven't got time at the moment for injury or illness and this could not have happened at a more inconvenient time - what with the massive promotional tour for Bree McCready happening all over Scotland this weekend. I cannot even do the simplest tasks like clean my teeth or get dressed without experiencing gut-wrenching, sweating pain and picking up a pen is impossible. How am I going to do signings in just 4 days time?! I will ice and elevate (as recommended by the nice doctor at the Royal Infirmary A&E department) but who knows what the weekend will bring.
I would love to say I got my injury from something really exciting and adventurous but I actually got it from getting off a double decker bus yesterday afternoon. When I heard the sickening snap of bone I knew something bad had happened. I'm trying to stay positive and think, "It could have been worse". I might have fallen down the steps of the bus and broken a leg or worse. Oh! and I got chatted up by a gorgeous guy as I waited to go in for my x-ray this morning. It's amazing how people can bond over their broken bones.
Thanks to my fantastic friend Caroline who dropped everything this morning to drive me to hospital and do a spot of childminding while I had my wounded hand x-rayed. What am I going to do without you when you jet off to America...X

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