Friday, 8 May 2009

"A single gal's worst nightmare... being alone with only the meowing of forty-two cats for company. Now there's nothing wrong with liking cats, don't get us wrong, but when your clothes are adorned with cat motifs, there's more cat food in your cupboards than human food, and you start breaking up with partners because the cats didn't like their scent, then you should possibly consider that you've gone just a tad too far down the feline fan road. As a celebration of eccentricity and serving as a warning to those likely to err towards batty catty behaviour, the Crazy Cat Lady (and we all know one) is a must. Not only does she have six 'freestyle' cats, they're also coming out of her pockets and exploding from her wild hair. Mad as a badger, the Crazy Cat Lady is an absolute must have desk accessory"

I couldn't believe it when I stumbled across this website! I had always visualised myself at some point in the not so distant future turning into 'Crazy Cat Lady' but I certainly didn't imagine I would ever end up looking like this frightening combination of Pete Burns, Amy Winehouse and Cruella De Vill!
Surely cat fans can be glam too?

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