Friday, 10 April 2009

Nobody's Diary

"You can change the chapter, you can change the book,
But the story remains the same if you take a look"
Nobody's Diary by Yazoo (Alison Moyet)

I've been having an 80's revival in my car this week and I came across this brilliant song I hadn't heard for ages (it's 26 years old and I can remember the performance on Top of the Pops like it was yesterday!)
This line from the song really sums up how I am feeling about someone at the moment (the person will remain nameless for obvious reasons!)
Sometimes people choose to run away from a problem instead of looking at the reasons why they have become unhappy. They think that by changing job/partner/hairstyle/home/all of the above it will make their life change in the process. However if they are not prepared to look inside themselves and make the changes that really matter, to address the issues that have made their life take a nose dive in the first place all that's going to happen is that they will carry all the baggage from their old life with them into their new life. The world around us is fairly easy to change but it's far more of a challenge (and a very worthwhile one) to change ourselves and how we tackle the things which have hurt or scarred us. It's all very easy to blame other people for our failures and unhappiness but there comes a time when we must take responsibility for ourselves and try to change the story and not just the book.

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