Tuesday, 7 April 2009


"What ought to be done is neglected, what ought not to be done is done; the desires of unruly, thoughtless people are always increasing"
Friedrich Max Muller

I have officially had enough of thoughtless people. Why are there so many of them?!! As I strive to raise my wee boy to think about the consequences of his actions and to show consideration towards other people I feel like I have a constant uphill struggle because we appear to be continually surrounded by selfish, unthinking idiots.
Right, seeing as I am on a rant here is a list of just a few of the thoughtless acts that drive me MAD! Most of these things have actually happened to me in the last few days and I hasten to add they are not extraordinary occurrences but seem to be happening on an alarmingly regular basis. Deep breath, here goes...
1. People in front of me in the queue at the supermarket who clock me with one loaf of bread and a bottle of bleach then proceed to load the four million items from their trolley onto the conveyor belt. I would just let me go first.
2. People who dump mattresses and televisions on country lanes - just phone for a special uplift, it'll save you petrol.
3. People who casually walk past OAP's who have dropped their coins and watch as they struggle to pick them up. Spare a minute, you'll be old one day too.
4. People who ask me when my baby's due - I'm not pregnant!
5a) People who knock down the one sound-proofing wall between your house and theirs and then proceed to put up a 52" Dolby surround sound television on that wall and watch horror movies until one in the morning.
5b) People who hammer, saw and drill every night just when my wee boy goes to bed (same person who owns the massive telly)
6. People who think that everyone within a 5 mile radius wants to listen to their dog barking in the back green until midnight. How about taking the poor creature for a walk once in a while or even better, don't get a dog in the first place.
7. People who bang into you and don't say sorry.
9. People who swear in front of children.
8. People who let the door shut in your face, or worse don't thank you when you courteously take the time to hold the door open for them.
9. People who drop their empty cigarette packet NEXT TO A BIN!
10. People who on the first sunny day of the year decide to shatter the tranquility by positioning their speakers on their balcony and blasting the entire neighbourhood with happy hardcore. Can you not just appreciate the bird song for one minute?
11. People who sit behind you on public transport straight after extinguishing a cigarette and then breath all over you. P.U.
12. People who cough and don't cover their mouths.
13. People who let their dogs poo all over the school path. Have you any idea how many times I have had to clean the back of my car seats? Take a bag with you.
14. People who throw their McDonalds trash out of their car window (or any trash for that matter - what's wrong with waiting until you get home and putting in the bucket?)
15. Thoughtless drivers. Well this requires a whole section for itself!
a) People who park so close to your car that you can't actually get back into it.
b) People who tailgate!!
c) People who use up the last parent/child space when they are clearly without child.
d) People who overtake you at 90mph whilst on their mobile phone.
e) People who text whilst driving. Eyes on the road PLEASE!
f) People who use eyelash curlers (yes, that's eyelash curlers) on the approach to a busy roundabout. That makes me very nervous when you are in the car behind...
g) People who overtake you on a slip road. What's the hurry?!
h) People who cut in front of you at the last minute because they can't be bothered queuing in the longer lane of traffic. What makes you so special!!!?
i) People who park horizontally across three spaces.

Okay, okay I am aware that this makes me sound like a grumpy old woman. Fine, I'll hold my hands up to being a total Victor Meldrew (and yes, I admit that on the odd occasion I have actually said "I-do-not-BELIEVE-it!") but what's wrong with having standards. After all, manners cost nothing. I just happen to believe that if everybody thought before they acted and considered other people just once in a while the world would be a better place. So I will continue to bring my son up to be a kind and thoughtful boy. If people could just make this a little bit easier for me then I'd really appreciate it. Rant over!!

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