Thursday, 16 July 2015

Life's a Beach!

It was a typical Scottish day at the beach. We arrived there equipped with suncream, picnic blankets and sunglasses but ended up sheltering under a huge golfing umbrella, forced to eat our picnic under an itchy blanket in the car with the heater on full blast! Still, the kids had an absolute ball and swam in the waves despite the freezing temperatures. The sun even came out for a short while in the afternoon, warming our skin and allowing us to enjoy an ice cream on a bench. It was the kind of day where memories are made.

As we strolled along the sand I stopped briefly to write a message using the metal tip of the umbrella - BAKEWITHBREE - well, someone might've spotted it before the tide washed it away. Promotion doesn't stop, even on a family day out. My niece took it one step further, adding - GO AND SEARCH IT ON GOOGLE by HAZEL ALLAN. It took her ages and I was really touched by her dedication to the cause.

She pointed out the pawprint dot above the letter 'i' which was completely unintentional but cute nevertheless. 

I think we took most of Gullane beach home with us. Judging by the amount of sand in the boot of the car and in the shower tray I am surprised there was any left at all on the beach! We all had weather beaten cheeks and by 6 o'clock my niece's legs had turned from blue to healthy pink and my old Dad was spark out on the recliner. Smiles all round.

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  1. Your message in the sand is worth a thousand television adverts!