Thursday, 27 October 2011

iPod iRony

So, I've climbed up onto one of the rickety kitchen chairs. I'm balancing precariously, screwdriver in one hand, freshly ironed curtain in the other and lips grasping a row of tiny screws. The iPod (set to 'shuffle') chooses that moment to start playing a particularly tinny and soul-destroying version of "Bah Bah Black Sheep" which seems to go on forever.

Why does that always happen?!

Just another one of life's little jokes I suppose.


  1. Lol! I swear Baa baa black sheep is really short.

    That's a very pretty iPod!

  2. No Kamille, I promise this version went on FOREVER! And what made it worse was it sounded like Mariah Carey singing it! Three-ee baaags fu-uuull!
    I had my windows open and I was so sure the neighbours must have been shaking their heads in disgust.
    One million cool points lost.
    : )

  3. Maybe it was like the extended remix or something! Do your neighbours have kids? They might give you a million cool points in return!

  4. It was definitely an extended remix...and then some!
    No kids next door I'm afraid. I am playing some 'cool' tunes today to make up for exposing my neighbours to that dreadful Mariah Carey Nursery Rhyme yesterday!